The safety and health of our employees, shoppers and community is the top priority of Southlake Mall.

We are excited about the progress and retail outlook at Southlake Mall. A safe shopping and dining environment continues to be of paramount importance.

In light of Governor Holcomb’s executive orders and recent CDC guidelines, face coverings will now be optional at Southlake Mall. Patrons are encouraged to practice safety precautions in public spaces. Deep cleaning and sanitation of the common areas will continue. Stores and restaurants in the shopping center determine the safety procedures they choose to follow. Please be mindful of each policy.

Effective Thursday, May 20, 2021, Southlake Mall will make the following changes to our operating procedures to align with the guidance provided by our state government and the CDC.

The following changes will be implemented:

  • Southlake Mall will no longer require customers to wear a face covering or physically distance in the common area of the center. Face coverings in the common area are optional.
  • Individual stores, restaurants and entertainment venues will make their own determination as to whether or not to require face coverings in their space.
  • As outlined in the recent order, all businesses have the right to determine their own policies as it relates to the safety and policies for their customers and employees.
  • Security and Janitorial personnel serving the common areas will continue to wear face coverings until further notice.
  • Common area seating, including Food Court seating, will be returned to normal pre-pandemic levels
    Any restrictions that may have been in place limiting eating and drinking within Southlake Mall have been removed.
  • Expanded cleaning policies that had been implemented to promote public health safety during the pandemic will continue.

This includes but is not limited to expanded cleaning in high touch areas such as restrooms, Food Court, and seating areas.

In addition to following all state government mandates, Southlake Mall continues to take additional steps to promote a safe environment. Guests will notice the installation of numerous hand sanitizer stations throughout the Center and increased cleaning procedures by our Housekeeping team. We will also offer complimentary disposable face-covering upon request to guests (if requested), and all Management, Public Safety, and Housekeeping staff will continue to wear a face covering.

We look forward to continuing to welcome back our community. As we do so, please know that a safe shopping and dining environment continue to be of paramount importance and our main priority.

For further information on the recent public orders please visit: